What is NAIFA - Oklahoma?
The Oklahoma Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors is a major force shaping the changing environment of life and health insurance and related financial services in Oklahoma.  Founded in 1900 and headquartered in Oklahoma City, NAIFA - Oklahoma is a federation of 9 local associations and a state-wide At - Large association representing over 550 professionals engaged in the financial services industry.  This includes insurance agents, stock brokers, bankers, accountants and attorneys.

NAIFA - Oklahoma's focus is in two areas: 
  • Advocacy - to represent the interests of our members by monitoring and initiating legislation in Oklahoma and the US Congress. 
  • Member Benefits - to increase the bottom line of our association members.  Our goal is to provide the resources for all insurance and financial advisors to bring a level of excellence to their practice, whether that be through providing education, professional development or networking.
NAIFA members do much more than just sell insurance.  They provide financial consulting and help individuals prepare for retirement and plan estates.  They protect the homes, cars and other property of their clients, They design employee benefits and compensation packages and provide employers with group health, pensions, and 401 (k) plans and much more.  Our members work hard to see that their clients get the best insurance programs to meet their needs. 

Inherent in this role is a professional duty to the client and the company, as well.  A strong ethical balance is required to avoid any conflict between these two obligations, which is why NAIFA members adhere to a strict
Code of Ethics.

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