Young Advisors Team (YAT)
Leadership in Life Institute
Young Advisors Team (YAT)

The mission of our Young Advisors Team (YAT) is to serve the needs of NAIFA - Oklahoma's  advisors who are age 40 and under, or within their first five years in the industry by providing the resources to succeed in the financial services industry.

Whether new to NAIFA, or a member for several years, this section provides you with resources gearred specifically to your career development needs as a novice insurance or financial advisors.  NAIFA provides you with a variety of products, programs and services that can be used to better equip yourself to overcome challenges and achieve your professional goals.

Learn ideas on how to grow your business, take advantage of NAIFA's first-rate sales and skills training and receive discounts on a range of professional resources.  Visit the YAT website at to get the latest YAT news and read the latest edition of YAT Chat.

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