Assist with Registration | Est. 4 hrs yearly

Help Organize an Industry Program | Est. 10 hrs yearly

Assist with Lining Up Keynote Speakers for monthly meetings | Est. 4 hrs yearly

Be a Guest Host at a Meeting (making announcements & speaker introduction) | Est. 1 hr yearly

Take pictures at Events | Est. 2 hrs yearly




  • Sharing on Social Media | Est. 2 hrs monthly

Liking Stories & Photos | Est. 1 hr yearly

Proofreading Key Communications | Est. 1 hr yearly

Assist in obtaining new/shared course material to expand our CE offerings | Est. 1 hr monthly

Update CE Courses | Est. 1 hr monthly

Post Photos from Events | Est. 1.25 hrs monthly




  • Help Organize Annual Day at the Capitol | Est. 4 hrs yearly

Visiting, writing or calling policymakers during political action campaigns | Est. 1 hr yearly

Participate in PAC phone a thon | Est. 1 hr yearly

Participate in the Candidate Selection Subcommittee  sessions in which campaign contributions to state legislators are determined | Est. 2 hrs yearly

Assist with delivery of PAC contribution checks (must be a PAC contributor) | Est.  2 hrs yearly



Identify prospective members & pass warm leads to National | Est. 1 hr monthly

Welcome new members | Est. 1 hr monthly

Contact agency managers to schedule presentation | Est. 2 hrs yearly

Join our Call Tree to contact members approximately 90 days before renewal to check-in on them |Est. 2 hrs. monthly

Follow up with lapsed members | Est. 1 hr monthly